Review: First 6 months as a .NET Developer

September 17, 2017

Review: First 6 months as a .NET Developer

I finished school, my first 6 months as a junior developer?

Yep, We’ve all been there I guess. Although, I think that everyone  has its own experience and personal feelings about it. How was your first job? For me, it was extremely difficult,  I became insecure and almost started a new study. I would like to talk about it, maybe it will help some people in the future, maybe not, but at least I would have written about my own experiences.

I felt like I wasn’t  ready.

Yes. I felt like I wasn’t ready, even now I often feel like I am not ready. When I finished school, I felt like I was not ready to work as a developer. I knew how to code, although I didn’t fully understand my syntax, nor did I fully understand about Objective Oriented Programming (OOP). I was 22 years old when I finished my study for being a software developer, and I had no clue how to even find myself a proper job.

My first month as a developer

Soon after I finished school, I found myself a job as a junior .NET Developer, I am the only developer in this company, although my supervisor knows about coding, also, I have 1 colleague with experience in coding but mostly in ASP.Classic. My task is to create a web application, we currently use the CRM named Isah, and my task is to add functionalities from isah to a web application.  During my second week there, I heard that my supervisor went away for 7 days,  for his well earned holidays. But, we had a deadline for a customer, I remember I had to add some functionality to the web application and that it should be done on Tuesday as my consultant colleague would visit the customer on Wednesday to demonstrate the new functionality.

It was a complete disaster

Yeah, you can almost guess what happened right? I completely messed up the entire thing. At a moment, I had some issues with my SQL procedures. Luckily, I have a few colleagues that do have experience with SQL. I called one of my colleagues to ask him a question about the procedures. He told me to put it on GIT, so he would take a look. There, everything went from disaster to even more terrible. On Tuesday morning, I wanted to upload my source to GIT so my colleague could help me out. Instead of pushing the source code, I accidantally, pulled the older and  a very outdated code to my local hard disk… Everything I had done since I worked there was gone. Yes, gone. I hadn’t pushed anything before. And all this, 24 hours before the demo. Man, I thought I’d lose my job for a second.

What about now?

Well, I still work at the company, they knew I was a junior and they knew I would mess up a few things. Apparently it is quite normal to fail from time to time when you just start to work.  I’ve learned a lot the past 6 months and even got myself a new contract. So, yes, I am still learning every day, and yes, I can finally breath. I still have my days that I am completely stressed, I guess it’s part of the job:) but at least, I can breath now, and more importantly, I finally enjoy what I am doing.


No one feels ready when leaving school. No, not only developers feel this way, literally everyone feels this way. I can imagine a teacher not feeling ready to start his/her first few lessons. Also, keep in mind that it is okay to make some mistakes when you just started to work. People don’t expect you to know everything, it’s normal that you don’t fully understand everything. Don’t worry about it too much. Just find yourself a job where people give you a fair chance, do your best and you will certainly be doing okay!






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