Review: Apple Watch Series 2

August 6, 2017

Review: Apple Watch Series 2

After a long time, I finally have my Apple Watch.

It has been a few weeks now that I bought my new Apple Watch Series 2, and I have to admit. I am impressed. I’ve been reading so many reviews about the watch, that I thought it as a gimmick. A quite expensive one, like most Apple products. Although, I am happy that I’ve bought it and tested it myself as I’ve been surprised by the functionality the watch has to offer.

Why did I buy the Apple Watch?

I’ve been thinking for a very long time to buy myself an Apple Watch, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money. In the Netherlands they are quite expensive, especially if you think of it as a gimmick.┬áLuckily for me, my girlfriend was in the US during her holidays. She came across a store which had the Apple Watch on sale. She called me and I asked her to bring me the Apple Watch Series 1. She came back home with the Series 2. Girls..:)

First impressions

Amazing! It feels good, the quality is good and it fits well. Although I had to change the sportband to the smaller one, which comes inside the box. I hate my small wrists, it’s actually the first time that I am able to wear a watch without it moving with every movement I do. The first boot went smooth, it’s really easy to connect it to your phone and you’re ready to go in a few minutes. Once it’s connected with your phone your apps will install on the watch.

What I really like about the Apple Watch Series 2

I recently stopped smoking and changed my life for good, so I started to hit the gym, go out for runs etc. The Apple Watch has proven to be a true friend in doing all of this. Especially when going out for a run. You can literally track everything you possibly would want to know. As it has an in-build navigation you can leave your phone at the house. Once at home, it will sync all the data with your iPhone. During the run you can easily see your progress. It’s really a nice thing to have.

Another thing that surprised me about the Apple Watch was the battery life of this device. It’s really good! I’ve been playing a lot with the Apple Watch during the first few days and the battery easily managed 2 days. Nowadays I put it on the charger once in the 3 days. Really good in my opinion.

So is the Apple Watch perfect?

Well, I would say it is perfect. Except for lots of third party applications, like WhatsApp and Spotify.
The watch gives notifications as expected, but with WhatsApp it’s limited. In example, with SMS or Telegram, I can send answers with the watch in Dutch, which is not possible with WhatsApp. Also, when you have more than 1 message from someone, you can not see all messages.

Would I buy a new Apple Watch?

Hell yeah.



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